The Autistic Brain-Part 1 and Vote for Next Month’s Book

In this month’s book club, we are reading The Autistic Brain: Thinking Across the Spectrum by Temple Grandin. I apologize for not specifying what page to read to, but in the future just divide the book by four and that will tell you approximately how many pages in a week. I am up to page 50 and the discussion question will concern what was discussed by Grandin in the first quarter of the book. So far I like the book but it is a little too scientific for my taste. Grandin talked a lot about her shortcomings in respects to her working memory and anxiety. She is fairly high functioning and obviously very intelligent.

The discussion question for this week is whether you think autism is over diagnosed in today’s society and the label of “Autistic” helps or hurts an individual?

Please post in the comment section. Remember if you comment each week I will put you in a drawing for a 25 dollar Amazon Gift Card. Don’t forget to vote below for next month’s book.

Want to win a 25 dollar Amazon Gift Card?

I am starting a virtual book club and for your reading pleasure I created a page called “Book Club” that goes into all the details. The quick summary of the club is that we will read one book a month that is nonfiction. Each week there will be a question (or two) and if you respond each week to the discussion you will be put into a drawing to win a 25 dollar Amazon gift card. Yeah I know it’s kinda like bribing you to be my friend but in a real book club I would have to spend at least that much on wine and soup mix. Below is the poll to vote for August’s book of the month.