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Hi, my name is Jon Oldham and I am happy you stopped by my blog. I was born in the beautiful town of St. Joseph, MI which is right on Lake Michigan in the southwest corner of the state. As a child I was a fat butterball turkey who liked to watch TV and eat my Mom’s cooking. I loved to learn when I was in elementary and remember having tons of books about dinosaurs, airplanes, space, and the human body. My love of learning was early on squashed by school and I soon began to despise all the worthless assignments, projects, and tests I had to endure for all of middle school, high school, college, and grad school. I did not read for pleasure during my formal education because I associated reading with school and hence it was on the level of homework.

About the time I was a junior in High School I decided I was sick of being a butter ball turkey and I started to lift weights like Arnold Schwarzenegger. I lost 60 pounds in a couple years and got the nerve up to ask out my future wife Christina. By the time I was 20 I felt like I wanted to venture out of my comfort zone so I traveled to Honduras to teach nutrition for 3 months. That experience changed my life because I started to see that there were alternatives to the rat race and I didn’t have to live like a “stereotypical” American. I came back to my junior year at Hope College with a desire to be a Registered Dietitian and help people with health. Fast forward three years and I graduated from the University of Michigan with a Master’s of Public Health in Human Nutrition and a Master’s of Science in Kinesiology. This feat was amazing if you remember that I hated school from the time I was 10 years old. Now, in the present, I am married to Christina, teach cooking classes to adult alternative ed students, and am living the or so familiar “grown up life.”

I have been out of school three years now and am currently 26 years old. My love of learning has been rekindled through this blog and I am now bettering my education on my own terms. I have made this blog because my goal is to read 1000 books each in the subjects of history, psychology/sociology, and philosophy to become a master in each field (see my first blog post for a more in-depth explanation) while helping people along the way. Each week I write posts about what I have read and events in my life that teach me little nuggets of wisdom. I also spend time writing longer nonfiction pieces on complex subjects which are a lot fun to read. My ultimate goal in life is to spend my time writing, learning, traveling the world, and living the most optimistic life possible. I hope this blog becomes a manifestation of my personality, beliefs, and my desire to share knowledge with others.

Thank you for the support and let’s continue this awesome journey…

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  1. I find it wonderful… What you are doing with your life, not taking the rat race rout taken by everyone…I wish you luck for reading all the 1000 books.. Hope you would share the books and your opinions on them with us… :)ALl d best… see u


      • I’m in no place to talk about the rat race escape right now. But I wish that you won’t have to live in the rat race and that you may be free to ride your own path and live the life of your dreams… Happy new year to you and your family 🙂

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