Theodore is Seven Months

I’m back!!! Yes, I took a few weeks off from writing and many of you have messaged me about my tumbleweed blog. The lapse in posts was due to a few key factors – burnout, physical therapy, and my son. First off, the burn out was related to sleep deprivation and a general malaise in respects to the merit of writing posts. After a lot of soul searching, I renewed my commitment to SAPERE AUDE and its quest for wisdom. Secondly, I took a break because my physical therapy – which has been three times a week for the past four months – left me little time to write. Some will remember the post about my ailments but as a quick refresher, I have tingling in my hands, legs, and face. For a while, medical science scratched its head at my condition – not anymore! I now know that my tingling stems from a back injury I received almost five years ago – for a long time doctors thought the tingling was from anxiety, MS, neuropathy, B12 deficiency, and even stress-induced by my wife :). Now that we know for sure the cause of my problem, I have significantly improved through specific exercise routines, medical massage, and non-invasive laser therapy. My tingling is at an all-time low and I really appreciate the prayers and thoughts. On an average day, I commit four hours of my day to physical therapy, stretching, and exercise. Those four hours are required and I have to sacrifice other things like writing or reading to make up the time. Hence, I have had to make some changes and this brings me to my third factor in being absent – my Theodore.

Theodore is now seven months old and is more precious to me than ever before. When I was first beginning this journey, fatherhood was more theoretical than practical. I couldn’t connect with Teddy because all he did was cry and suck on my wife’s breast. Now though, Teddy and I can actually bond. He smiles at me. He laughs with me. He even walks around with me – through the assistance of a rolling walker. We aren’t at the point of tossing a ball with each other or discussing the Russian Revolution…but we are one step closer. To put it generally, Teddy now has a unique personality that grows each and every day. He is more interactive mentally and physically; we are about two weeks out from him learning to crawl and us having to childproof the house. He doesn’t cry constantly anymore and can entertain himself for a half-hour at a time. As I write these words, he is rolling around and making bubble noises. A month ago, I would have stopped ten times to console him while I wrote this paragraph – now he just smiles at me and tries to roll over the Chihuahua. The best measure of my bonding with Teddy is evidenced by my desire for more kids – just yesterday my wife and I had a conversation about trying for another baby. We are probably a few months from that point yet but it does explain the climate of my life. Not everything is baby heaven at the Oldham’s. Just last week my beautiful son awoke from his slumber with poop halfway up his back. My wife and I had to literally hose him off – in the process, I got both poop and water all over my clothes. As another example, just a couple of sentences ago I wrote that he was smiling…now he is crying his head off – the changes in his temperament are drastic, to say the least. Overall though, the fact that I am posting this blog is a sign of improvement for my sanity, my health, and my fathering ability. I will begin to post weekly again about my books and my lessons from life’s many curveballs.

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