Winter Sucks, but…

Are you sick of winter yet? Females, have your legs gotten to Chewbacca levels? Males, have your hands dried up to Walking Dead levels? Has your dog finally said enough is enough and now uses your whole house as a “potty?” Are your Vitamin D levels so low that you randomly have cravings for whole milk? Yeah…winter sucks. Before you put that third layer on, read this – winter is almost half way over. I am not fooling you, this coming Sunday will mark the point in which everything goes downhill in terms of seasonal suffering. Before you know it, it will be March and the prospects of summer heat will be wafting through your defrosting imagination.

Being that winter is nearly half way over, I am half way done with my 14 books on the French Revolution. Surprisingly I am not sick of the subject and I am actually enjoying my topical experiment. It is nice to focus on one thing and dig deep into the material. To celebrate this journey, I listed five quirky facts about the French Revolution for your enjoyment.

  1. During the Reign of Terror, the government got rid of the Christian Calendar and replaced it with the French Republic Calendar: 12 months named after weather events, 3 weeks per month known as “decades”, 10 days per week, 5 or 6 days at the end for non-stop celebration. The first date was September 22, 1792 when the monarchy was abolished by the Convention. Today’s date would be written as 10 Pluviôse CCXXV (10 “Rain” 225).
  2. King Louis XVI was 15 years old when he married a 14-year-old Marie Antoinette. It took them eight years before they had their first child because Louis was shy and couldn’t do the dirty.
  3. Charlotte Corday stabbed Jean-Paul Marat, a radical Jacobin leader, in the chest while he was in the bathtub. Marat’s friend subdued Corday by holding her chest while laying on top of her. She was eventually sentenced to death and guillotined.
  4. Christianity was deemed pointless and dechristianization efforts included vandalizing churches, killing priests, and dressing up donkeys as cardinals.
  5. In certain areas, men avoided being drafted into the Revolutionary Armies by drinking poison, dismembering limbs, and marrying elderly women.

Hopefully, those facts piqued your interest and helped you appreciate our modern world. Stay strong and be thankful that you don’t fear the guillotine after a Facebook post or have to sleep with a 15-year-old version of King Louis.

3 thoughts on “Winter Sucks, but…

  1. Very interest blog:
    The calendar was very interesting – the 10 days per week would depress everyone – extra long work weeks. But the 5 or 6 days at the end would be quite the scene for celebration every month – sounds like a lot of eating & dancing – I could handle that!!!

    King Louis XVI was just a young man, assuming the marriage was arranged? Good thing they waited.

    The whole bathtub scene is crazy – I don’t think I would want to lay on someone bleeding to death.

    I’m glad Christianity isn’t deemed pointless now days, Praise God! I wouldn’t want to see donkey’s running around with cloths on.

    The last point just shows how terrible the Revolutionary Armies must have been. Out of the three options I would have married an old woman.

    Overall, your blog makes me thankful I’m living in the 21st century, even if Trump is president.


  2. They mentioned that in the books I read but the authors said that it was just a theory. No one actually knows why it took so long and there are some people that speculate his penis was too big for intercourse. Most of the authors erred on the side that he was just a nerdy guy who was more interested in maps than getting it on with his wife who was a stranger. I guess we will never know.


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