Love Does

There is a phrase inscribed on my wedding band that reads-“Love is Action.” Simply put, love is only a feeling manifested through the actions of each individual in a relationship. A relationship with two people who do not act lovingly towards each other is destined to fail. I try to “love” Christina through many actions each day (of course I screw this up many times): giving her hugs, leaving her notes, providing her advice, motivating her, etc. My coworker, Ashley, told me about a book that she really liked called Love Does: Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World by Bob Goff. “Love Does” sounded a lot like “Love is Action” so I eagerly borrowed it from her. Bob Goff is an inspiring guy who has a lot of cool stories to tell. He actually reminds me of Jim Carrey in Yes Man where he has to say yes to everything asked of him. Goff says “yes” because he believes that we need to love each other through our actions. Jesus was a man of action and he simply just wanted to go out and love people. It seems all to often today that we get hung up on religious doctrine that causes us to judge others and not love certain people. Jesus was not a religious man and took in all sorts of misfits to be in his group of close followers. He chastised the religious leaders of the time for being righteous and overly obsessed with the rule book. Jesus told his followers to leave the judging to God so we could focus entirely on the loving part. Sadly this key piece of teaching is lost among many Christians today.

Goff, truly understands the idea of loving others and he makes a great point that we should strive to be secretly awesome. When you perform acts of love, don’t show those actions off and boast. Don’t love others to make yourself look better, love others so you can have a closer relationship with God. Whenever you love others you create a positive feedback loop that improves your earthly and heavenly relationships. This loop is the catalyst for a secretly incredible life; I know this sounds kind of corny and like one of those cliché Sunday school answers but read on. I have struggled with this idea of having a relationship with God because I always felt it was an obligation-just another thing to do. Furthermore, God never said “I love you” back whenever I talked with Him. Here is the thing though, I have slowly began to speak with God in my own way and my life is becoming secretly awesome. How so? Well, just as we should love others without boasting that is how God loves us. God doesn’t just bust out a barbershop quartet that sings “Jon you are the man and I love you so much.” He places things throughout our day that shows His love in subtle ways: the beautiful sunrise, the warm house, the hot meal, the changing leaves, the smile from a friend, etc. He loves us but doesn’t want to boast because that type of love is self serving and doesn’t require reciprocation. As I get closer to God, each day brings new realizations of His blessings and less worries because I know He truly has my back. I urge you to talk to God. He is your friend, He is your champion, He is your creator, and He wants you to have an awesome life.

One thought on “Love Does

  1. Loved the post!! Yes, I have always tried to either surprise – serve – or pray without getting recognized. God may not have a bull horn each night rattling off the praises that we think we deserve, but as you said God’s blessings are all around us, we just need to recognize them. King Solomon asked for one thing “Wisdom” – I believe this is one of the greatest blessings. With wisdom you will feel peace, joy & and a closeness to God, especially in the rough moments of life. Nothing can separate you from the love of God, remember he has your back.


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