True History of Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it is spared the awful commercialization of Christmas and the need to buy stupid hallmark cards which for some reason is a norm for most celebrations. Thanksgiving is a holiday in its purest form-being grateful, socializing, and eating a crap ton of food. This year I was curious about the true history of Thanksgiving so I did a quick search of adult-historical books on the subject. To my surprise I didn’t find any and this is kinda of scary. Doesn’t this glorious holiday deserve a book written in the intricate detail of John Adams by David McCullough? What really was going on with the pilgrims? I want some library of congress research into these topics. Maybe my search was too surface level and there exists a book of this magnitude. Please tell me if there is. Ironically I was just thinking yesterday that I could never think of a topic in history to write about. This Thanksgiving, let us all think of where we have come from, where we will be going, and where we will fit that extra slice of pie. For now, lets maintain the historically accurate picture of pilgrims wearing buckles on their hats, “Indians” wearing no shirts in November, and a feast using one of the rarest spices at the time-nutmeg. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

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