First Post

Hello Internet! My name is Jon Oldham and this is my first attempt at a blog. I am currently 24 years old, live in Flint, MI, and an avid learner. The goal of this blog is to share my ideas about life, the books I am reading, and to foster discussion about topics that I love. Things that I love include but are not limited to: history, psychology, sociology, philosophy, food, weightlifiting, nutrition, my wife, my family, hiking, traveling, and watching funny stuff. I decided to make a blog because my goal is to read 1000 books each in philosophy, psychology/sociology, and history to become a master in each subject. I came to the 1000 number by taking the average time it would take to read one book and then dividing that by 10,000 hours-the amount of time Malcolm Gladwell cited as the number of hours needed in practice to become an expert. I realize that this endeavor would be quite lonely if I did not write about the books I was reading and try to share my experiences with others to foster conversation and mutual learning. I believe mastery will require me to stretch outside of my comfort zone and writing is the perfect way to tug at my mental fortitude. I don’t know exactly what this blog will become but I know that I will review the books I read, write interesting points that I learn, list vocabulary that I did not know, incite discussion of some of my life views, and try to motivate people to be life long learners. I understand that this may be a solitary endeavor for quite some time but I will be patient in my posts and hopefully make some new friends that share my opinions. In the end, I will have a huge compilation of thoughts that will be nice to look back at after I read my 3000 books and beyond.

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